The cinema returns to Sokołowsko!

Film screenings and in depth discussions about cinema will become a regular part of Sokolowsko’s repertoire of cultural events on April 29th. The reactivated „Zdrowie” cinema theater will be the 13th cinema belonging to the Network of Studio and Local Cinemas (Sieć Kin Studyjnych i Lokalnych) in Lower Silesia, thus putting Sokołowsko on the same tier as Wrocław, Wałbrzych, Lubin or Złotoryja.

Opening night “Sweet Ren Bean Paste” directed by Naomi Kawase!

Extraordinary architecture harking back to the traditions of the nineteenth century, a scene with an orchestra pit, and with a seating capacity of two hundred people – this is what the audience can expect from the newly reactivated art house cinema „Zdrowie” in Sokołowsko. The reactivation of the cinema is another venture by the founders of the In Situ Foundation, which restores, in Sokołowsko, spaces devoted to culture, dialogue, exchange of ideas and creation.

The „Zdrowie” cinema theater will not only be a place to watch movies. It will be an art house cinema, a space for an open exchange of cinematographic ideas, a space of workshops, lectures and discussions. It will therefore function on a day-to-day basis, as a substitute for festival gatherings, when the frequency of screenings, as well as the the foot traffic in town, increases considerably.

What kind of repertoire can one expect?

We will screen the best, ambitious films of the season, the laureates of the Berlin, Cannes and Venice festivals, and other most commented upon titles of the last few months. One very important part of the program, will be special events – on the one hand talks about films with participating experts, harking back to the tradition of the Film Society in Sokołowsko, and on the other hand meetings with the creators of the films themselves, as well as educational screenings for the youth.

Screenings are scheduled for spring and summer weekends, to fill Friday and Saturday evenings with ambitious cinema and discussions surrounding it.

In order to restore the function of the cinema’s theatrical room, which can host both the creators and spectators, the Foundation has renovated the building, while preserving its original architecture. Then, they equipped the cinema with a projector, screen and a professional sound system. The cinema building is now fully accessible to people with disabilities. Year after year, the building is undergoing regular and systematic renovations.